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DG 87

Price €1,196.72

Cross with garnets, amethysts, blue topaz, citrine, peridot, iolis, tourmalines and pearls.

DG 2613

Price €475.41

Pendent with garnets, onix and pearls.

DG 1891

Price €491.80

Cross with garnets, peridots and sapphires.

DG 4994

Price €532.79

Cross with sapphire, green agate and blue topaz.

DPP 913

Price €491.80

Cross with amethysts, garnets, iolite and pearls

DG 1778

Price €180.33

Cross with ruby and micromosaic of seed pearls.

DG 3045

Price €221.31

Cross with blue topaz and peridot.