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DG 87

Price €1,196.72

Cross with garnets, amethysts, blue topaz, citrine, peridot, iolis, tourmalines and pearls.

DG 1891

Price €491.80

Cross with garnets, peridots and sapphires.

DG 3358

Price €573.77

Cross with sapphire, garnets, citrines and emeralds.

DG 2094

Price €360.66

Earrings with onyx and white topaz.

DG 2217

Price €860.66

Earrings with onyx, orange zircon, pearl and micromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 3125

Price €983.61

Earrings with citrine, sapphire and pearl.

DG 4542

Price €467.21

Earrings with amazonite, garnet and lapis lazuli.

DG 4961

Price €590.16

Earrings with citrine, peridot and garnet.

DG 4811

Price €885.25

Earrings with blue topaz and micromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 4897

Price €319.67

Earrings with blue topaz, ruby and micromosaic of seedpearl.

DG 4902

Price €270.49

Earrings with moonstone, pearl and micromosaic of seedpearl.

DPP 688

Price €352.46

Earrings with garnet and cornaline.