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Percossi Papi has been designing and making his jewellery since 1968 in the heart of old Rome, in his small atelier next to the Pantheon, in via S. Eustachio.

His creativity has gradually produced a distinct style and school in which color, forms and materials are the absolute protagonists.

Each piece is unique, without a hint of mass-production and with the traditional quality of fine handmade items.

Percossi Papi develops and expands the themes of popular culture prompted by intuition and guided by passion and a careful study of technique. His pieces thus become the natural continuation of a craft and art tradition that has distinguished, and still distinguishes, Italy over the centuries.

Percossi Papi is in fact renowned for his "ad personam" creations, each unique and often made with the client's own materials.

His main output is jewellery, but he has always diversified into different kinds of objects, from the holy to the art field and even Haute Couture accessories.

Percossi Papi has also created jewellery for numerous films:

 “Rossini Rossini” ( directed by Mario Monicelli, starring Philippe Noiret and Jacqueline Bisset )

 “The Elective Affinities” ( directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, starring Isabelle Huppert )

 “Francesca e Nunziata” ( directed by Lina Wertmuller, starring Sophia Loren)

  “Elizabeth The Golden Age” ( directed by Shekhar Kapur, starring Cate Blanchett) Oscar prize-winner for Best costumes

 And many others more…