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Terms and conditions of use

Prices and Exchange Rates:

Orders are billed in Euros as are the prices posted on our website.

The amount charged to a credit card or PayPal may vary as it is will be affected by floating exchange rates and bank charges.

Percossipapistore.com  recommend contacting your bank to request detailed information regarding the exchange rates and bank charges in reference to your purchase.


Methods of payment:

Orders are processed from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 17:30pm. Orders placed during the weekend will be processed the following Monday morning.

The Client Service operators for Percossipapi.com are in no way authorised to request or accept credit card numbers and/or their validity dates.

Payment via PayPal

By choosing PAYPAL payment, the client may pay directly via his/her personal secure Paypal account. Percossipapistore.com only accept PayPal payments from verified accounts and reserve the right to send merchandise to the address indicated in the PayPal account details. Orders paid through non verified PayPal accounts will be cancelled.

We wish to inform our new clients that payments made by using the PayPal system with a verified account, are not subject to delays due to bank audits/checks. 

Percossipapistore.com reserves the right to deliver new client’s merchandise to the address indicated on the bill.

Bank transfer

By choosing the “BANK WIRE TRANSFER” payment method, a client automatically places an order to Percossipapistore.com This kind of order is acknowledged and confirmed via an email from Percossipapistore.com client service operators containing our bank details. The ordered merchandise is then set aside pending payment via bank transfer. Clients are obliged to send a fax or email with proof of payment within 48 hours from receiving the confirmation email.

 Should Percossipapistore.com not receive proof of payment within the 48 hours, the order will be cancelled.

 The merchandise will be sent when the bank credit transfer is received by our account and as soon as the merchandise is available in our warehouse.

Order Status:

Clients may receive information regarding the status of their order by sending an email to percossipapi@percossipapi.com Please state clearly both the name and surname used to place the order and the order number in the email.

Changing Orders:

With regard to readily available stock, we wish to remind our clients that once an order has been accepted and processed, that order cannot be modified. Orders placed separately will be sent separately.

Store Credit / Shopping Vouchers:

Shopping vouchers can be issued instead of reimbursement for purchase returns and in any other case where the requested item should not be available. Vouchers can be used only once and must be used within 90 days from their issue date. Should the credit not be entirely used, the remaining sum will be refunded.


Dispatching in Italy, San Marino and the Vatican City is handled by Securpol Group couriers and is free of charge.

As requested by law, an official invoice detailing the value of each article in Euros accompanies all Percossipapistore.com dispatches.

Orders are sent out by Percossipapistore.com from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 17:30 pm. (Orders placed during the weekend will be processed the following Monday morning.

AVAILABLE STOCK: IMMEDIATE DISPATCH: Between Monday and Friday from 9:00 to 17:30, orders for available stock are dispatched on the day in which they are received. (Orders placed during weekends are dispatched the following Monday). In any case, Percossipapistore.com reserves the right to delay a shipment should the stock be unavailable or should there be any delay, which is beyond our control. Please note that during sales or when merchandise is on promotion, there may be a delay in the dispatching of goods.

Dispatch Tracking:

When each order is dispatched, Percossipapistore.com send their client an email containing a dispatch number referred by Securpol Group.

Authorised Delivery of Merchandise:

On arrival, each client is required to carefully inspect his or her package before signing for its receipt.

Should, for any reason, the packaging appear tampered with or should the adhesive tape not be intact, all clients are required either to sign the bill of receipt with reservations or to refuse receipt. In cases where receipt of delivery has been signed by unauthorised persons or where there is proof of package tampering, all clients are required to report events to the dispatcher’s local headquarters and to contact Percossipapistore.com at percossipapi@percossipapi.com

Any package, which for any reason is not received by a client at the address listed in the contract, may be returned to the sender with costs debited to the client. These costs will be deducted from the sum reimbursed to said client by Percossipapistore.com

Order Delivery:

All clients who place an order establish commercial relations with Percossipapistore.com and agree to accept the delivery of their package. If therefore, for any reason, a client should refuse the delivery of their package or should return said package to the sender with costs debited to Percossipapistore.com, these charges will be deducted from the sum to be reimbursed to the client.

Dispatching Insurance:

Dispatches from Percossipapistore.com are insured against theft and accidental damage, free of charge. Once merchandise has reached its destination, the insurance ceases to be valid.

Items and On-line Images:

Percossipapistore.com declines responsibility for the possibility that the colours of the actual merchandise may appear to have slightly different hues to those shown on the website, due to certain particular pc configurations or malfunctioning of a client’s computer.

The images portrayed on the Percossipapistore.com website belong to Percossi Papi srl. Any use of these images without written authorisation by Percossi Papi srl will be prosecuted.

Merchandise availability:

The assortment of merchandise shown on Percossipapistore.com indicates the precise availability of each item.

Once an order has been received, the Percossipapistore.com Orders department reserve the right to confirm the availability of each article requested and the validity of the transaction by means of credit card. The department also reserves the right to verify the details of any previous transaction engaged by the client within Percossipapistore.com. Should any item not be readily available or should there be, for any reason, an impossibility to dispatch an order as requested by a client, the Percossipapistore.com Orders department will inform the client forthwith.

Website Regulations – Legal terms:

This notice contains the legal terms and conditions which regulate the Percossipapistore.com.

  • Entering the Percossipapistore.com website, users agree to accept and comply with all the conditions contained in the notice.
  • Percossipapistore.com reserves the right to ask that all those who do not wish to accept and comply with the conditions, should refrain from using the Percossipapistore.com website.
  • Access to the site and its services is designed for personal use only.
  • The visualisation of the Percossipapistore.com enables clients to buy or gain information about the merchandise.

Property – Copyright and Trademark

  • Percossipapistore.com and all it contains is property of Percossi Papi srl. This includes documentation, images, typescript and design.
  • The material contained in the website is protected by copyright.
  • Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication, or re-distribution to third parties for commercial reasons is severely forbidden if not authorised in written form by Percossi Papi srl.
  • Percossi Papi srl forbids the use of the contents of the website for any other reason not above mentioned.


Execution of Orders:

Percossi Papi srl reserve the right to refuse to accept an order or to prevent someone from using their services, at any time.

Final Client:

Percossi Papi srl have devised and published the Percossipapistore.com in order to offer a service exclusively reserved for their clients.

  • The products on sale in the Percossipapistore.com website are intended for the Final Recipient. By “final recipient” Percossi Papi srl intend a physical person, acting from reasons outside their entrepreneurial, professional or juridical activities, who is legally uninterested in selling-on the merchandise bought from Percossipapistore.com
  • Percossi Papi srl request that persons not complying with the category of “final recipient” do not either attempt to establish commercial relations with Percossi Papi srl or submit orders to buy merchandise via third parties on their behalf.
  • In light of the above, Percossi Papi srl reserve the right to not process orders either for goods whose use be other that that of the “final recipient” or for uses not conforming to the commercial policy afore established.

Client Requirements:

To place orders in Percossipapistore.com clients must:

  • Be the “final recipient” as established in the Percossipapistore.com Commercial Policy.
  • Be 18 years of age or over.
  • Possess the necessary requisites to stipulate legally binding contracts.
  • Possess a valid electronic mail address
  • Possess a valid credit card for payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Verified PayPal or bank account.

Refusal of Responsibility:

Percossi Papi srl publish information on their website as a service for their clients, however, they decline all responsibility with regards to potential technical or factual inaccuracies and/or any typographical errors. With regard to the latter, corrections will be made as soon as they will be noted.

  • Further, Pescossi Papi srl reserve the right to correct and modify their website at any time they deem it necessary, without issuing prior warning.
  • Percossi Papi srl do not guarantee that any of the information published in their website conforms or is in line with the jurisdiction applying to any client’s country of residence.
  • Percossi Papi srl decline responsibility for any problems, damage or risks which a client may encounter while using their website.
  • Percossi Papi srl guarantee that their website www.Percossipapistore.com is protected in accordance with the international standards applying to Internet. If correctly used, the client is protected virus risk.
  • Percossi Papi srl decline all responsibility for potential malfunctioning resulting from the deactivation of cookies in a client’s browser.
  • Percossi Papi srl reserve the right to rectify/re-examine the terms and conditions contained in this legal note by adjourning them at any time they should deem it necessary, without prior warning.
  • Users are required to comply with the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, periodically checking it for potential updates, changes or corrections.

Italian law:

In compliance with Italian legislation, the Percossipapistore.com Internet website declares:

  • “Users accessing this website declare to accept that all matters concerning the use of the Percossipapistore.com website are regulated by legislation effective in the State of Italy. Percossi Papi srl under no circumstance guarantee that the contents of the website is in line with the regulations effective in other countries. Access to the Percossipapistore.com website from places or countries where its contents may be deemed illegal, is strictly prohibited. Users who decide to access the website from the above mentioned places or countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and of the sanctions they may incur through their actions and shall be solely responsible with respect to local law.”


Percossi Papi srl – has registered premises in Via San Eustacchio 16-17 00186 Roma and is the creator and promoter of the business available in the Percossipapistore.com website. They reserve the right to use the personal data, voluntarily submitted by each client, within the effective regulations (artt 13 e ss. D. Lgs. 196/2003).

The users are therefore requested to periodically visit this section in order to be updated on any variation to the status of present legislation.

Percossi Papi srl guarantee their users that the treatment of personal data is reserved exclusively for the presentation of their professional services and to facilitate the management of the website and the dispatching of orders.

Under no circumstance is personal data, voluntarily submitted by users, communicated of divulged to third parties.

Percossi Papi srl adopt security measures adequate to reduce to a minimum the risk of destruction, loss of, or the unauthorised access of data. Also the risk of unauthorised handling of data or the gathering of information for reasons not conforming to our Privacy Policy is adequately covered by security measures.

However, Percossi Papi srl cannot guarantee its users that the security measures they adopt for their website, for the transmission of data and  for the information contained in their website, is able to limit or preclude any kind of risk resulting from unauthorised accessing or a dispersion of said data through the user’s own devices. For this reason, we exhort the users of our website to make sure that their own computers are equipped with software adequate to protect the transmission of data (for example an updated anti-virus) and that their Internet provider has adopted adequate security measures with regard to data transmission.

Users have the right to request the following information from Percossi Papi srl:

  • Confirmation as to the existence or not of personal data regarding their person.
  • Clear communication of said data and where it was received.
  • The understanding of why the data exists and what it is used for.

Each request for the above stated information can be renewed after no less than 90 days with the exception of cases where a rightful cause exists: cancellation or modification of the data due to a violation of the law; cancellation due to the fact that the said data is unserviceable for the purposes for which it was gathered.


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