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Swimming in The Deep Blue See Waters


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DG 2051

Price €1,106.56

Earrings with garnet, onyx, citrine, pearl and micromosaic of seed pearls.

DPP 1203

Price €1,147.54

CARAVEL - Earrings with blue topazes, garnets, peridots and pearls.

DG 2079

Price €983.61

MANTA - Earrings with amethyst, peridot, blue topaz and sapphire.

DG 2078

Price €983.61

JELLYFISH - Earrings with tourmaline, peridot, blue topaz and micromosaic of seed pearls.

DG 1593

Price €1,352.46

Earrings with chrysoprase, amethyst, rhodolite pearl and micromosaic of seed pearls.

DG 2512

Price €532.79

Necklace with onyx.

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DG 4521

Price €409.84

Earrings with blue topaz, moonstone and zircon.

DG 4520

Price €327.87

Earrings with blue topaz and peridot.

DG 4519

Price €483.61

Earrings with blue topaz, amethyst and peridot.


Price €1,065.57

Earrings with opal, white topaz, sapphire, apatite, blue topaz and pearls.

DG 4906

Price €483.61

Earrings with blue topaz, ruby, emerald, garnet, pearl and micromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 4907

Price €483.61

Earrings with blue topaz, sapphire, moonstone and pearl.