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Dragons earrings

Price €696.72
(Tax Free: 696.72)

Earrings with blue topaz, ruby, sapphire, baroque pearls and micromosaic of seedpearls.

Earrings "The Great"

Price €1,270.49
(Tax Free: 1270.49)

Cinema collection, earrings with citrine, amethyst, sapphire and pearl.

Dragons earrings

Price €885.25
(Tax Free: 885.25)

Earrings with ruby, onix, blue topaz and micromosaic of seedpearls.

Snake earrings

Price €983.61
(Tax Free: 983.61)

Earrings with white topaz, onix and micromosaic of seedpearls.

Cross pendant

Price €475.41
(Tax Free: 475.41)

Pendant with garnet, onyx and pearls.

Heart earrings

Price €532.79
(Tax Free: 532.79)

Earrings with green agate and rose zircon.

Bat earrings

Price €778.69
(Tax Free: 778.69)

Earrings with onyx, green agate and micromosaic of seedpearls.

Heart earrings

Price €614.75
(Tax Free: 614.75)

Earrings with blue topaz, sapphire, pearl and micromosaic of seedpearl.