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Trust Your Animal Instinct and Follow the Call of the Wild


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DG 4257

Price €1,147.54

Earrings with onyx, white topaz and garnet.

DG 4373

Price €1,139.34

Earrings with kyanite, garnet, blue topaz, sapphire and pearls.

DG 3129

Price €1,065.57

Earrings with blue topaz, sapphire, peridot and micromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 4257

Price €1,024.59

Earrings with lapis lazuli, ruby, blue topaz and sapphire.

DG 1913

Price €983.61

Earrings with amethyst, tourmaline, garnet andmicromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 5027

Price €704.92

Earrings with citrine, garnet and pearls.

DG 4686

Price €680.33

Earrings with lapis lazuli, garnet, blue topaz, sapphire and micromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 4787

Price €811.48

Earrings with garnet and sapphire.

DG 4971

Price €647.54

Earrings with moonstone, amethyst, peridot and micromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 4730

Price €795.08

Earrings with amethyst, kyanite and green zircon.

DG 2550

Price €631.15

Earrings with onyx, ruby and micromosaic of seedpearls.

DG 4734

Price €631.15

Earrings with onyx and white topaz.