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DG 4746

Price €696.72
(Tax Free: 696.72)

Earrings with green agate lapis lazuli and sardonyx.

DG 4782

Price €631.15
(Tax Free: 631.15)

Earrings with blue topaz and citrine.

DG 4783

Price €704.92
(Tax Free: 704.92)

Earrings with amethyst.

DG 4745

Price €557.38
(Tax Free: 557.38)

Earrings with amethyst.

Heart earrings

Price €532.79
(Tax Free: 532.79)

Earrings with green agate and rose zircon.

Heart earrings

Price €614.75
(Tax Free: 614.75)

Earrings with blue topaz, sapphire, pearl and micromosaic of seedpearl.

Heart earrings

Price €713.11
(Tax Free: 713.11)

Earrings with white topaz, onyx and pearl.

DG 4542

Price €450.82
(Tax Free: 450.82)

Earrings with lapis lazuli and garnet.

Star Fish earrings

Price €901.64
(Tax Free: 901.64)

Earrings with blue topaz, garnet and pearls.

DG 4998

Price €434.43
(Tax Free: 434.43)

Earrings with onyx, emerlad, diamond and dark tourmaline.