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The World of Animals, Interpreted by Percossi Papi

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Anubi earrings

Reference: DG 5121

Price €614.75
(Tax Free: 614.75)

Lord of the Underworld, the Master of Secrets and Mysteries

Butterfly earrings

Reference: DG 4257

Price €1,024.59
(Tax Free: 1024.59)

Earrings with lapis lazuli, ruby, blue topaz, tanzanite and sapphire.

Butterfly earrings

Reference: DG 4675

Price €516.39
(Tax Free: 516.39)

Earrings with blue topaz, peridot and sapphire.

Dragons earrings

Reference: DG 2792

Price €885.25
(Tax Free: 885.25)

Earrings with ruby, onix, blue topaz and micromosaic of seedpearls.

Dragons earrings

Reference: DG 3194

Price €696.72
(Tax Free: 696.72)

Earrings with blue topaz, ruby, tanzanite , baroque pearls and micromosaic of seedpearls.

Isis earrings

Reference: DG 5122

Price €696.72
(Tax Free: 696.72)

Isis earrings - Symbol of women and magic